Asian Chicken Salad

It was Joan’s on Third in Los Angeles that got me hooked on a giant bowl of Asian Chicken Salad. Here is my version.

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11 Easy Vinaigrettes


Home-made vinaigrettes are so much better than even the best store bought ones that it seems silly not to make them yourself. Especially when they’re this easy.

All of the following vinaigrettes have about the same proportions: 1 part vinegar to 3-4 parts oil. I usually go with 1/4 cup vinegar to 3/4 cup oil. They all get salt, pepper, and maybe a pinch of sugar or honey if you like them with a little less bite. Just whisk together in a bowl and you’re done.

I like extra virgin olive oil, but in some recipes you don’t want a strong olive taste. You can blend olive and canola to taste, depending on how strong flavored your olive oil is.

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L.A. Food: Mitsuwa Marketplace


Hi all! I’m in Los Angeles, the mecca of ethnic restaurants. I am seeking out the mom-and-pop-shops and holes-in-the-wall where the world’s best food can be found.

Today, I am at a Japanese market/food court in West LA on Venice Blvd. There are 4 places to eat and not a sushi or teriyaki in sight. Nothing but wall to wall Ramen and a little tempura.
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