California Chicken Avocado Sandwich

GrilledCHickenSandwichFreshly grilled chicken breast and ripe avocado topped with melted swiss cheese on a fresh baked roll.




Serves 4


▪ Chicken Breasts — 1 ½ lbs
▪ Grilled Chicken Seasoning packet
▪ Canola or Olive oil
▪ Bolillo rolls — 4
▪ Swiss cheese – ¼ lb
▪ Avocado — 1 med

1. Read and follow instructions for Perfect Chicken Breasts.

2. While grilled chicken breasts are resting 5 minutes, preheat toaster oven or broiler. Place broiler pan or rack a few inches away from flame. Cover broiler pan with foil.

3. Slice bolillo rolls horizontally and set aside.

4. Peel and slice avocado. Lightly salt.

5. Place chicken breasts on baking sheet. Top with avocado and then swiss cheese and place in broiler just until cheese melts. This will only take a minute.

6. Place chicken on bolillo rolls and garnish with condiments of your choice. I recommend mayonnaise and a little spicy brown mustard.


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