L.A. Food: Mitsuwa Marketplace


Hi all! I’m in Los Angeles, the mecca of ethnic restaurants. I am seeking out the mom-and-pop-shops and holes-in-the-wall where the world’s best food can be found.

Today, I am at a Japanese market/food court in West LA on Venice Blvd. There are 4 places to eat and not a sushi or teriyaki in sight. Nothing but wall to wall Ramen and a little tempura.

One place, Santouka, is clearly the crowd favorite. I decide to skip the line and get tempura. Mostly because I am intimidated by the many choices of Ramen and my ignorance of what to order.

My tempura is pretty good, but not awesome. Next time I’ll brave the line. I should have known that!

I am really here for the market!

What you are looking at is sashimi grade fish by the pound! For those of us who would eat sushi every day if it was cheaper, this is a godsend. And not just salmon and tuna. They have everything from Hamachi to Monkfish liver.

Gotta go shop. More later



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