Antonia Scatton is a former non-profit executive and chef living in Oak Park, IL.

I was a prep chef at a French Provincial restaurant in Chicago when I was young. That’s where I learned how fine restaurants operate. Prep chefs spend all day making stocks and sauces from scratch, and chopping and measuring food, so that the dinner chefs can come in and whip up fine entrees to order.


I am a “slow foodie”. I have high standards when it comes to flavor. That’s why I take the time to make food from scratch. It just tastes better.

You can benefit from my experience. I have been cooking for my large extended family since I was a teen. By combining my prep chef experience with my storehouse of family pleasing dinner recipes, I have developed a method of stocking my kitchen with prepared ingredients, so I can whip up awesome dinners fast. That’s what I can do for you.

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