How to Dice an Onion

Here’s a nice little video from Saveur on how to dice an onion, probably my most frequently asked question.



Nothing to Fear from Frozen Fish

FrozenSalmonThese days, much quality seafood is frozen immediately, often while still on board the ship. Unless you plan to pay a premium and cook the same day you buy, you may be better off with frozen seafood.

Also, much seafood sold “fresh” in grocery stores is previously frozen and defrosted, sometimes days before you buy it.

Unless the fish was never frozen, and your grocer can tell you when the fish was caught, you are better off buying frozen, and defrosting yourself.

I recommend defrosting fish either overnight in the refrigerator, or under cool running water in an airtight plastic bag. Microwave defrosting doesn’t work well for delicate fleshed fish.