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Antonia comes up with amazing flavors and dishes that have made me look forward to dinner and even try new foods. Both my friend and I thought all her Asian recipes came right from a restaurant and we had an Italian sausage and polenta marinara last night that made our three year old beg for more. I can’t say enough about this has drastically improved our meal times and has made Sunday afternoons much more relaxing.


About “Linguine and Clam Sauce with Baby Scallops

This is a very easy, delicious meal — great for weekdays! Our son asked for seconds and the entire family gives this one a big “thumbs up.” Made this with the homemade Italian Garlic Bread–Antonia’s is 1,000 times better than the processed ones from the grocery store. We will order this meal again!


About “Pork Carnitas Tostadas

These were awesome! My three year loved her “pizza” and asked for seconds. Very easy to make as well.


About “Cilantro Lime Salmon

Upon eating the Cilantro-Lime Salmon, our 7-year-old son exclaimed it is the “best salmon dish ever!” He gives it a double thumbs up and we do too. Hooray, Antonia!


Antonia is one of my all time favorite cooks. Her technique is superb. She makes delicious food. She is also very gifted at political campaign communication strategy, especially engaging audiences and tracking their response. Did I mention she is a great cook?